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Transforming Local School Grounds

Working with the pupils and staff we support schools to transform their schools’ grounds, helping pupils connect with nature, become more active and to create an accessible outdoor learning environment.

Transport costs for schools are high and present a barrier to trips and though visits to local green spaces are beneficial there is a lot to fit into the school day. However all schools have school grounds, many are lucky and have large grounds with wooded areas. We developed our School Grounds programme to support schools to creatively use their outdoor spaces no matter their size or location.

We support  young people to design and build wildlife ponds, recycled bottle greenhouses, outdoor ovens, willow structures and geodesic domes. We encourage schools in rewilding their grounds as creating and maintaining natural habitats for wildlife.

Pupils are involved in all aspects of the planning, design and creation of the school ground builds. This encourages them to explore ideas, plan, budget and ultimately have ownership of the spaces and a sense of achievement and pride in their school . They use a range of project management skills, research materials, consult with their peers and problem solve in the design process. During the ‘construction’ period children use tools, work together in groups and build with support from our team.