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What We Do

At Schools Without Walls, our passion lies in offering children and young people immersive arts-led educational experiences that transcend traditional classroom boundaries. We believe in the transformative power of outdoor arts education to inspire creativity, nurture appreciation for nature, and foster holistic learning.

Our ethos champions the integration of arts and nature, providing a diverse array of creative outdoor learning opportunities. From painting landscapes en plein air to crafting sculptures from natural materials, our programmes encourage young minds to explore their artistic talents while connecting with the natural world.

We recognise the profound impact of outdoor arts engagement on mental health and wellbeing, and our initiatives are designed to cultivate resilience, enhance self-expression, and alleviate stress through creative expression in nature. By stepping outside the conventional educational framework, we empower children and young people to discover the joy of artistic exploration and develop a deeper understanding of themselves and their environment.

Through our arts-led approach, we not only aim to enrich academic learning but also to nurture essential life skills such as collaboration, communication, and self-confidence. Whether through theatrical performances in outdoor amphitheaters or poetry readings in woodland settings, we strive to create memorable experiences that ignite a lifelong passion for the arts and instill a sense of wonder and curiosity about the world around us.

Art Active…Naturally provides opportunities for children and young people with a particular focus on the hard to reach to engage in creative activities.

At a time where creative subjects in schools are under threat and arts education is disappearing from the curriculum for a rising generation of young people, we are able to offer opportunities to engage in projects in the ‘real world’ environment by partnering schools with local artists to create art installations that are displayed on interactive outdoor art trails.

We work with a wide range of artists and educators and participants can experiment with different materials and techniques.

How It Works

Using the environment and nature as inspiration, groups discover and explore an outdoor area; a woods, the chalk grasslands, the living coast…

Working with Schools Without Walls artists children and young people design and create art installations using a range of mediums and techniques,  developing their skills and experiences. Their work is exhibited outside of the school environment and provides inspiration to other young people to get creative and discover their local natural environment.

Art trails include those at So Sussex festivals Elderflower Fields and Into the Trees. We work closely with partners such as the National Trust, The Living Coast, South Downs National Park and South East Water who support us with art trail locations and funding.

 Art Trail Locations have included:

  • Elderflower Fields
  • Into the Trees
  • NT – Sheffield Park
  • Forest School Conference
  • Undercliff Walk – Brighton ( The Living Coast)
  • Newhaven – Dieppe Festival